Writing Proposals on Upwork

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Why did I make this guide?

The last time I checked,

99% of freelancers didn’t make a single penny on Upwork.

Getting approved to be a freelancer on Upwork isn’t easy. After spending a lot of effort, one gets approved to be a freelancer on Upwork. Once approved, they start applying to freelance projects on Upwork.

But rarely any new freelancer hears back from the client.

There are a few reasons:

  1. New freelancers don’t spend time building their Upwork profile.
  2. New freelancers give up too soon.
  3. New freelancers, by definition, don’t have credibility on the platform.

The biggest reason, however, is not writing good proposals.

Writing good proposals is the only way to tackle all the reasons listed above.

A good friend once told me that delivering your first project successfully on Upwork separates you from the bottom 99% and pushes you into the top 1%.

The first step to scoring a project on Upwork is to get a client to respond.

So this guide is to help you write proposals that get responses from clients.

It will come in handy to get your first project which will get you going on Upwork.

It will also help you with subsequent ones too, in a more predictable manner.

What's inside?

  1. Strict DON'Ts on Upwork
  2. How to research before applying to projects/jobs
  3. Writing the Proposal

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  • 5 case studies from my own experiences
  • How to improve your freelance rates over timeCheck the timeline below:


Can I share this with my friends?

I can't stop you from doing it. But I would request you to send your friends my way instead. I will see what I can do to help them if they can't afford to pay for this guide.

Can I resell this product as an affiliate partner?

Of course. Write to me at hello@amitsarda.xyz. I am offering to pay 20%.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

This guide should take a couple of hours to read. It will take you a month to put the learnings into practice. I expect you to send at least 30 proposals while following the tips I have shared. If you still don't get responses from clients, I will refund your money. All I ask for in return is screengrabs of the complete descriptions of all the projects and your proposals to them.

Got more questions?

Send your queries to hello@amitsarda.xyz

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Upwork and its management but instead registered and limited as an Upwork freelancer.

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Writing Proposals on Upwork

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